Our Mission


Here at Parenting Rights Institute there are no divided loyalties. We are beholden to no bar association or government agency for funding. We are dedicated to moms, dads and families exploited by a government and court system that is harming parent-child relations worse than ever before. We are confronting an epidemic suppressed by powerful special interests. We are professionals and fellow parents intricately familiar with a full range of issues which may be causing you sleepless nights.

You don’t know it when you first consider a lawyer or court filing to promote your rights. But all too often, once you are in the system, you may never get out, or you may lose so much along the way. We are here to chart a saving course of action no matter how large or small your ordeal. As parental advocates, our aim is to stop abuses even if it means coming into your court and monitoring proceedings. No one else in America is doing this. Despite the censorship of our activities, we let our achievements do the talking.

In the end these courts are taking control over our child rearing authority through needless orders and conflicts created by third party beneficiaries of this lucrative system. Over time, after they all get done profiting off the misfortunes, you may be reduced to a mere visitor in your children’s lives, an expendable parent that your offspring no longer respects. And that leads to social, educational, moral and workplace dysfunction at the core of America’s problems today. So check us out. We are truly here for you.