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NOTICE: Due to numerous viral references to our organization, many of you will be diverted to our old site which this is. In September, 2017, the Parenting Rights Institute was purchased by an investor in New York City who is seeking to expand the vital work we do for parents across the country. It can be accessed at http://www.parentingrightsinstitute.com. We remain a proven advocacy team for you and have left the old site in its last form here so that you may compare the vast changes. Much of the old content was transferred to the new website and should no longer be viewed here due to vast upgrades such as our newly released book, Satan’s Docket, available only on our new site.


We don’t fool around when it comes to parental rights. They are being eroded with each passing day in divorce and family courts throughout the country. We will review your situation no matter how complex and come to your court if necessary to expose corruption. Increasingly parents are being fleeced by unscrupulous lawyers, evaluators and a court system which has become a trillion dollar industry across America.

2008 Television clip of Dr. Leon Koziol’s accomplishments as a trial attorney prior to creating the Parenting Rights Institute as its Director.

Protect yourself by considering our offerings professionally tailored to secure justice in extraordinary ways while saving you untold fees that swallow up entire savings and college funds. We offer book services, professional documentaries, mediation, referrals, and expert reports to your judicial and lawyer ethics commissions. We will assist you in getting the information you need if misconduct is occurring. Just listen to one of our clients:



PRI Court Strategy Program: Our Court Program has also received outstanding reviews, helping parents to effectively represent themselves or detecting lawyer abuses before they consume your hard earnings:


Contact our office to learn more: (315) 380-3420 or our Director, Dr. Koziol at (315) 796-4000

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